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Marco Frasconi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Italy

Joined group: 2010

Left group: 2014


PhD (2010) - "Sapienza" University of Rome
Msc (2007) - "Sapienza" University of Rome
Bsc (2005) - "Sapienza" University of Rome


Here are my publications from the JFS group!

Full list of publications

Selected papers
• Photo-expulsion of surface-grafted ruthenium complexes and subsequent release of cytotoxic cargos to cancer cells from mesoporous silica nanoparticles (M. Frasconi, Z. Liu, J. Lei, Y. Wu, E. Strekalova, D. Malin, M. W. Ambrogio, X. Chen, Y. Y Botros, V. L. Cryns*, J.-P. Sauvage*, J. F. Stoddart*), J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 11603—11613.

• Selective isolation of gold facilitated by second-sphere coordination with α-cyclodextrin (Z. Liu, M. Frasconi, J. Lei, Z. J. Brown, Z. Zhu, D. Cao, J. Iehl, G. Liu, A. C. Fahrenbach, Y. Y. Botros, O. K. Farha, J. T. Hupp, C. A. Mirkin, J. F. Stoddart*), Nature Commun. 2013, 4, article 1855.

• A radically configurable six-state compound (J. C. Barnes, A. C. Fahrenbach, D. Cao, S. M. Dyar, M. Frasconi, M. A. Giesener, D. Benitez, E. Tkatchouk, O. Chernyashevskyy, W. H. Shin, H. Li, S. Sampath, C. L. Stern, A. A. Sarjeant, K. J. Hartlieb, Z. Liu, R. Carmieli, Y. Y. Botros, J. W. Choi, A. M. Z. Slawin, J. B. Ketterson, M. R. Wasielewski, W. A. Goddard III, J. F. Stoddart*), Science 2013, 339, 429-433.

• Spatially oriented and reversible surface assembly of SWCNTs: a strategy based on p-p interactions (T. Ferri*, D. Frasca, O. Arias de Fuentes, R. Santucci, M. Frasconi*), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 7074-7078.

• Electrochemically stimulated pH changes: a route to control chemical reactivity (M. Frasconi, R. Tel-Vered, J. Elbaz, I. Willner*), J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 2029-2036.

• Soft landed protein voltammetry (F. Pepi*, A. Ricci, A. Tata, G. Favero, M. Frasconi, S. delle Noci, F. Mazzei*), Chem. Commun. 2007, 33, 3494-3496.


I was born in 1983 in Narni, a small town in the green heart of Italy. After highschool, I moved to Rome to study chemistry at ‘Sapienza’ University. My fascination with research was inspired when I was working on my Bachelor’s thesis with Professor Tommaso Ferri. In 2007, I obtained the Master in chemistry and then continued to pursue my PhD under the supervision of Professor Franco Mazzei in the Faculty of Pharmacy at ‘Sapienza’ University. I worked on the design of nanostructured material and their applications in development of integrated detection systems for diagnostic. As part of this project, I did a two-months intership at the Hebrew University, in Israel. In 2009 I returned to the fascinating city of Jerusalem, in the group of Professor Itamar Willner, to gain experience on the development of nanoparticle arrays on surfaces for electronic and optical applications.
I am currently a postdoctoral fellow with Sir Fraser Stoddart. In this dynamic and warm research group I am investigating, among the other subjects, the biomolecules functionalized with molecular switch and nanoparticles for drug delivery.
Apart from science, I enjoy free climbing, parachuting and riding motorcycle in the spare time.


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