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Chenfeng Ke

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Nanchang

Joined group: 2011

Left group: 2015


University of Bristol, UK 2009-2011

Royal Society Newton Fellow Host: Prof. Anthony Davis

Nankai University, China 2004-2009

Ph.D with honor Advisor: Prof. Yu Liu

Osaka University, Japan 2007-2008

Exchange Ph.D student Advisor: Prof. Yoshihisa Inoue

Nankai University, China 2000-2004

BSc Degree


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Selected Publication List (H-index 12)

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Anthony P Davis and Chenfeng Ke, International Application No PCT/GB2013/051079

based on British Patent Application No 1207392.0

Book Chapter

Molecular Encapsulation:Reactions in Constrained Systems, Editors: Udo H. Brinker, Jean-Luc Mieusset, ISBN: 9780470998076 , Wiley-Blackwell

Cheng Yang, Chenfeng Ke, Yu Liu and Yoshihisa Inoue

Chapter One. Reaction Control by Molecular Recognition - A Survey from the Photochemical Perspective.



I was born in Nanchang, southeast of China. My third-year undergraduate project focused on synthesizing porphyrins in Prof. Zheng Jianyu's lab in Nankai University. After that, I did my fourth-year project in Prof. Liu Yu's Lab, where I studied cyclodextrin polypseudorotaxane synthesis and their conjugation with gold nanoparticles. In 2004, I started my Ph. D studies in the same lab, working on the construction of cyclodextrin, cucurbituril and calixarene based assemblies, and gene transfer vectors. In 2007-2008, I worked on a photochirogensis project in Osaka University in Japan using cyclodextrin derivatives. After obtaining my Ph. D, I was awarded the Newton International Fellowship to start my Postdoc with Prof. Anthony Davis in Bristol, UK. I am currently working on designing and synthesizing of carbohydrate receptors (Synthetic Lectins). In Nov. 2010, I joined the Stoddart group as a visiting researcher.
In my spare time, I go swimming regularly, and I enjoy the sunshine. I like basketball, baseball and lots of other sports, although I do not play them often.


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