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Julien Iehl

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Belfort (FRANCE)

Joined group: 2010

Left group: 2012


Msc (2006) – University of Nancy, France; PhD (2010) – University of Strasbourg, France; Postdoctoral Position (2010-present) – Northwestern University, USA


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I grew up in Belfort, a nice little town, which is located in the northeastern part of France, close to Switzerland. After finishing high school, I moved to Besançon (Fr) to study chemistry. In 2003 I obtained a DUT in Chemistry (Diploma of Technician) with a main focus on organic chemistry. In 2006 I joined the group of Yves Fort (Nancy, Fr) for 6 month training program where I started the development of a new method for the synthesis of benzo-(iso)quinoline derivatives. The same year I got my M.Sc. at the University of Nancy then I did a PhD at the University of Strasbourg (Fr) in the group of Jean-François Nierengarten. The aim of my thesis was to use “click chemistry” with C60 derivatives. Fullerenes derivatives bearing either terminal alkyne or azide functional groups have been prepared and used as building blocks under the copper mediated Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition conditions. In October 2010, I joined the Stoddart Research Group as a postdoctoral researcher. Nowadays, I am really excited about being here and working with rotaxanes, catenanes, MOF, etc... Outside the lab, I enjoy my life with my wife, traveling, watching movies and I like playing soccer.


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