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Cory Valente

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Joined group: 2009

Left group: 2011


PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (PI Michael G Organ), York University, Toronto, Canada
HBSc in Biological Chemistry, York University, Toronto, Canada


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❋ Second most accessed CEJ publication (2006)

[1] Organ, M.G.; Ghasemi, H.; Valente, C. The effect of vicinyl olefinic halogens on cross coupling reactions using Pd(0) catalysis, Tetrahedron 2004, 62, 9453-9461.


I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1980. I obtained a HBSc in biological chemistry from York University in 2003 before pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry with Professor Michael G. Organ at the same institution with the aid of an NSERC postgraduate scholarship. My research involved the total synthesis of neodolabellane-type diterpenoids and Pd-catalyzed cross-couplings, in particular with NHC-Pd-type catalysts. In 2009, I moved to Northwestern University to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship with Sir Professor Fraser Stoddart, where I currently enjoy working on the synthesis of new carbon allotropes, conformational control in polyrotaxanes and on novel applications of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).


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