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Florian Beuerle

Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Burgkunstadt, Germany

Joined group: 2008

Left group: 2010


2000-2005, Diploma, Chemistry, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
2005-2008, PhD, Chemistry, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg with Professor Andreas Hirsch


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I was born in Bayreuth in Germany and grew up in Burgkunstadt, a small town in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful landscape of Franconia. Being interested in all kinds of science during my high school years, I finally decided to study chemistry at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen. For my following PhD studies I joined the group of Professor Andreas Hirsch in Erlangen in the field of fullerene chemistry. Essentially, I worked on the synthesis of [60]fullerene multiple adducts for supramolecular and biomedical applications. In December 2008, I joined the Stoddart group as a postdoctoral fellow. Currently, I am working on reversible H-bonding receptors utilizing catenanes and the design and synthesis of novel toroidal carbon allotropes. In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, all kinds of sports and hanging out with friends in one of the countless bars and clubs in chicagoland.


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