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past professional activities


Member of the Wolf Prize in Chemistry Committee 2004

Member of the ACS Executive Director's 2010 Committee 2004

Associate Editor of Organic Letters 2003-04

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Nanoworld Institute of the University of Genoa 2003

Technologies in Singapore 2003

Member of International Advisory Committee for Conference on Materials and Advance

Member of International Board of IUPAC Meeting in Ottawa 2002

Member of the NIH Medicinal Chemistry Study Section 2000

Member of the NSF Inorganic CAREER Panel 1999

President of the Chemical Section of the British Association 1996

Member of EPSRC/BBSRC Biomolecular Sciences Subcommittee 1994-95

Member of the SERC Biomolecular Sciences Subcommittee 1992-94

Member of the SERC Chemistry Committee 1992-94

Member of the Editorial Board of the RSC Chemical Society Reviews 1991-95

Member of the International Advisory Board of RSC Journal of Materials Chemistry 1990-95

UK Representative on the NATO Special Programme on Supramolecular Chemistry 1991-94

Member of SERC Molecular Electronics Committee 1990-93

Member of SERC Carbohydrate Science Panel 1992

Member of SERC Molecular Recognition Initiative Review Panel 1991

Member of SERC Molecular Electronics Futures Panel 1989/90

Vice-Chairman of RSC Carbohydrate Group 1990-91

Guest Editor of Thematic Issue of Carbohydrate Research on Cyclodextrins 1989

Chairman of RSC Carbohydrate Group 1988-90


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