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organization of conferences


Organization of National and International Conferences

June 2014

TSRC Workshop on Molecular Rotors, Motors, and Switches (Co-Chair) in Telluride

July 2012

CCIS Victoria Day Weekend Symposium 70th Birthday Event at Northwestern

May 2010

CCIS Memorial Day Weekend Symposium: Chemistry for the Next Generation by the Next Generation at Northwestern University

July 2005

XVII International Conference on Organic Solid State (Co-Organizer) at UCLA

May 2005

Fifth International Dendrimer Symposium (IDS-5) (Co-Organizer) in Michigan

June 2004

Norma Stoddart Memorial Symposium (Chairman) at UCLA

December 2003

CNSI First International NanoSystems Symposium at UCLA

September 2003

CNSI One-Day NanoSystems Symposium (First Cram Debate) at UCLA

September 2002

CNSI One-Day NanoSystems Symposium at UCLA

July 2002

CNSI Nanotriangle Meeting

September 1996

British Association Meeting Chemistry Section

March 1996

Joint RSC Dalton/Perkin Discussion Meeting on Contemporary Aspects of Photochemistry

July 1994

RSC Perkin Division Symposium on Recognition Processes in Birmingham

December 1993

Third Birmingham Supramolecular Symposium

December 1992

Second Birmingham Supramolecular Symposium

September 1992

RSC Fine Chemicals and Medicinal Group Symposium for School Teachers in Birmingham

December 1991

First Birmingham Supramolecular Symposium

September 1991

Sixteenth International Symposium on Macrocyclic Chemistry in Sheffield

June 1989

SERC Workshop on Glycoconjugates in Cambridge

September 1988

RSC Carbohydrate Group Autumn Meeting in Sheffield

December 1987

Half-Day Meeting on Molecular Recognition with Macrocycles in Sheffield

December 1987

One-Day Meeting of the UK Macrocycle Group in Sheffield

October 1986

Sheffield Industrial Forum

July 1986

Fourth International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena in Lancaster

April 1986

RSC Carbohydrate Group Spring Meeting in Sheffield


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